A Star is Born!

Bridgette's shooting star collage

Bridgette’s shooting star collage

Kindergarteners and first graders are busy preparing for the upcoming Winter Concert.  This year’s concert theme is Outer Space.  Gerry students will perform a dance with star props.  Each student is creating a star to hold in their left and right hands.  I will laminate them and we will glue them onto craft sticks — you’ll have to use your imagination for now, hah!

Our stars are a great example of radial symmetry.  We see line symmetry all the time, but radial symmetry can be a little harder to spot — wheels, starfish, flowers, and snowflakes are all examples of radial symmetry.  Students chose a shape for the center of their star and built a design around it.  One of the collage concepts we are working on is layering — gluing paper on top of paper on top of paper!  Students are discovering that it is possible to create complicated-looking effects just by layering pieces.