Self Portraits

2nd grader self portraits

2nd grader self portraits

All Coffin and Gerry students drew a self portrait this March!  We used pencil, Sharpie, crayon, and watercolor.  Students used scrap paper to help mix the perfect colors for their skin, hair, and eyes.  We discussed the placement and size of our facial features.  Our surprising fact for drawing portraits: our eyes are only halfway up our head!  These portraits are for the Coffin-Gerry PTO’s Original Works fundraiser.  If you are interested in ordering any products that feature your child’s self portrait, please return the artwork, order form, and payment to your classroom teacher by Friday, April 1st.  If you’re not interested in ordering, simply keep and enjoy the portrait!


Witch’s Kitchens

First graders painted their witch's kitchens with watercolors.

First graders painted their witch’s kitchens with watercolors.

First graders in Mrs. Drummond’s and Mrs. O’Flynn’s classes created spooky witch’s kitchens for Halloween!  They started by drawing a witch.  Some witches were nice and friendly, and some were scary.  Afterwards, they drew kitchen details such as refrigerators, stoves, and counters.  Finally, they thought of the details that would make a witch’s kitchen different from our own.  These witches are baking spider pies, they have haunted cupboards, and they keep some pretty strange pets!  After drawing with pencil and Sharpie, students painted with watercolor paints.

Crazy Critter Paintings

Isabella's Crazy CritterSecond graders have been hard at work on their crazy critters!  After drawing their critter and its environment, students were ready to start painting with watercolors. We are careful to paint the entire picture, because by second grade we notice that the sky and air is all around us, not just a stripe over our heads!  Students who needed to mix colors used the tray in their watercolor sets.  Next week we will finish painting and use crayons or colored pencils to add textures and small details.

Kandinsky Paintings

Kindergarten students used oil pastels and watercolors to create these colorful paintings.

Kindergarten students used oil pastels and watercolors to create these colorful paintings.

Kindergarten students looked at Wassily Kandinsky’s Concentric Circles study.  We discussed the meaning of the word “concentric” and where they might have seen concentric shapes before (ripples in a pond is a popular example!).  Students then folded their paper into quarters and drew a series of concentric shapes in each corner.  They colored some of their white space with oil pastel and some with watercolor.  We learned to blend oil pastels with our fingers (it’s a bit messy, but really fun!) and we learned how to take care of our watercolor paints and our brushes.

Kandinsky Shapes

Kindergarten concentric shape paintings

Kindergarten concentric shape paintings

Kindergarteners looked at Vassily Kandinsky’s Squares With Concentric Circles painting.  We folded our paper in half and half again to divide the sheet into four segments.  Then we used oil pastel to draw a shape inside each segment.  We then drew larger versions around each shape to fill up the space.  In the next art class, we discussed how to develop good painting habits, such as cleaning the brush and adding water to the paint.

Castle Collages

1st Grade Castle Collages

1st Grade Castle Collages

First graders have been working on castle collages.  This is a three part project, and we’re nearly finished!  First, students used watercolor to paint large sheets of paper with a variety of colors.  We also used salt and oil pastels in order to experience the different ways these materials interact with the watercolor.  Then, we made drawings of castles to have a rough draft to guide our castle collages.  Students came up with some incredibly imaginative castles!  There were castles on volcanos, castles made of ice, castles with zip lines, and castles made of candy.  Finally, I cut the watercolor paper into chunks and students began collaging their castles.  My best piece of advice for students is to imagine their castle is made of dozens and dozens of different shapes.  You have to identify them and decide how to combine them to re-create the whole castle.  We also used Sharpies for small details and crayons for extra coloring.

Original Works Orders

Brady's Self Portrait

Brady’s Self Portrait

Student self portraits went home last week.  They put in an amazing amount of effort!  I love to see students’ personalities shining through in their art.  We used crayon, watercolor, and Sharpie.  I think they look pretty sharp with the borders!

If you’re placing an order, please return the packet to your child’s classroom teacher by this Friday, April 4th.  If not, just keep your child’s wonderful portrait and display it at home!