Original Works Orders

Brady's Self Portrait

Brady’s Self Portrait

Student self portraits went home last week.  They put in an amazing amount of effort!  I love to see students’ personalities shining through in their art.  We used crayon, watercolor, and Sharpie.  I think they look pretty sharp with the borders!

If you’re placing an order, please return the packet to your child’s classroom teacher by this Friday, April 4th.  If not, just keep your child’s wonderful portrait and display it at home!


Self Portraits

Self Portraits by Paloma and Myers

Self Portraits by Paloma and Myers

After winter vacation, all students will begin their Original Works project.  Original Works is an art-based fundraiser, and the Coffin-Gerry PTO organizes our participation.  It gives families the opportunity to have their children’s artwork printed on keepsakes, such as mugs, shirts, and keychains.  They look fantastic and the fundraising helps our wonderful PTO help us!

Every year we choose a different theme.  This year each student will make a self portrait. To warm up Coffin’s students, we are doing practice portraits!  We discussed proportion and positioning of our features.  Students used mirrors to make note of the details that make them unique: hair style, freckles and birth marks, glasses, accessories, and clothing.


Isabella's Self Portrait

Isabella’s Self Portrait

Updated on the last week of February: Gerry students are starting right away on their final portraits.  They used rulers to create a border around their image; this will ensure nothing important gets cropped out during production!  We’ve started with pencil and Sharpie.  Next week students will use crayon and watercolor to add color to their portraits.  Coffin students are using all watercolor on their practice portraits.  We are working on mixing colors for our skin and hair.  Students have to mix, test, and make small adjustments to the paint.