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Abby's Hand Drawing

Abby’s Hand Drawing

Welcome to the Coffin and Gerry Art Blog!  I am so excited to start a fresh new year with your children.  Kindergarteners started their first project this morning.  We traced our hands, wrote our names inside the palm, and added embellishments with Sharpie and crayon.  Hopefully looking at their hand art this week will help me learn their names faster, but we’ll see!


First graders and third graders drew me their favorite summer memory.  I have seen everything from aquarium visits to camping to getting to see an aircraft carrier.  It looks like everyone had a summer filled with wonderful experiences.


The first week is always a little hectic with students learning new seats, new routines, and new classmates.  I am glad to be a familiar face for my older students and I hope to be a welcoming presence for the kindergarteners.  Next Tuesday we will start digging into our first “meaty” projects — collage and painting.  I can’t wait!