Snow Day

Caroline's Snow Day Painting

Caroline’s Snow Day Painting

Coffin and Gerry students were thrilled that it was snowing this morning!  To celebrate the first snow of the school year, kindergarteners put their paper animal sculptures on hold for the day and instead made snowy paintings.  First, students thought of a scene they might see in the snow: a snowman, a snow-covered tree, a snowy house, even a snowy kindergartener!  They drew their scenes with crayons and thought of details to make each one special.  Then, they used white tempera paint to add snow and transform the scene!  We thought together about all the places snow builds up when it sticks, such as on the ground, on our shoulders, on top of patio furniture, and on each branch and window sill.  Unfortunately, today’s snow didn’t stick around for the afternoon, but we’ll have our paintings to remind us!