Busy Spiders

Lily's spider collage

Lily’s spider collage

Kindergarten students in Mrs. Gay’s class read The Very Busy Spider, by Eric Carle.  Afterward, we painted spiderwebs for our spiders to use.  Students used white colored pencil to sketch their web.  They noticed that even though webs look very complicated, there are some familiar things in there — an X, a plus sign, and a lot of circles!  After sketching the web, students used white tempera to carefully paint over their lines.  One painting skill kindergarteners worked on was using controlled brush strokes so the web didn’t turn into a blob.

Once the paint was dry, students started to collage their spiders.  We looked at the shapes used to create a spider — mostly different sized circles and rectangles.  Students worked on cutting and counting out the correct number of legs.  Cutting a circle can be a challenging skill for kindergarteners, but I think they rose to the occasion!


EJ's spider collage

EJ’s spider collage

Kindergarteners with a little extra time made details such as eyes, feet, fangs, spider family members, and juicy flies for their spiders to eat.