Autumn Trees

Reagan's tree drawing

Reagan’s tree drawing

Kindergarteners have been noticing the way the leaves are turning colors and falling from trees.  We discussed that all trees have a trunk — it can be tall and thin like a birch tree, or wide like an oak tree, or crooked like the trees on Devereaux Beach — and branches grow out from the trunk, and smaller twigs grow out from the branches.  We thought about how branches are wide closer to the trunk and they get skinnier and pointier toward the end.  Students drew their own trees with oil pastels and used their fingers to blend the colors inside the trunk and branches.  Some students had time to add the sky and environmental details.  Our next step is to glue on pieces of tissue paper to create leaves — they can still be on the tree, or they can be swirling around in the air, or they can form a big leaf pile at the base of the tree!