The Witch’s Kitchen

Witch's Kitchen watercolor

Witch’s Kitchen watercolor, by Nicholas

1st grade students have been thinking about what kind of things a witch might have in her kitchen.  Students decided she would probably have “normal” kitchen things — a refrigerator, an oven, a sink — as well as “creepy” kitchen things, like bat soup, spider cake, and Frankenstein’s monster as a dinner guest.  Students who prefer to do something other than Halloween can choose a different theme for their kitchen — one year we had a Christmas kitchen and an animal kitchen!

Witch's Kitchen watercolor, by Gabby

Witch’s Kitchen watercolor, by Gabby

Students spent one class drawing details with pencil and outlining with Sharpie.  For the next class, they used watercolor to paint the kitchens.  Students just used tempera paint for their outer space artwork, and they were happy they could mix watercolors in the tray lid just like how they mixed their tempera.  1st graders continued to show great respect for materials by taking care to wash their brushes and keep their trays neat.  Next week we will continue painting to make sure our witches have colorful walls and floors!