Completed Daffodils

Connor's 3D Daffodil

Connor’s 3D Daffodil

Mrs. Bruett’s 3rd graders finished constructing their 3D daffodils during their Integrated Arts time!  Students used tabs and folds to make the stigma and stamen “pop out” of the flowers.  Students also cut stems and leaves out of their painted paper.

Once the flower was assembled, 3rd graders chose a color for their background paper and glued it on.  Finally, students had the option to use colored pencil, collage, or oil pastel to add texture on the petals and leaves, or to add environmental details like stars or grass.

Charlie's 3D Daffodil

Charlie’s 3D Daffodil

This artwork took several classes to complete, and it involved many small, detailed steps.  Students showed great teamwork as they helped each other remember how to complete each part.  Everyone used their best effort and it shows in these amazing 3D daffodils!