Tints and Shades

India and Nick's Crazy Critter Paintings

India and Nick’s Crazy Critter Paintings

Second graders are continuing to work on their Crazy Critters.  This week we’re using tempera to paint our critters.  Students I taught last year may remember mixing primary and secondary colors, but we made a color mixing chart to refresh our memories. Students also learned a new concept: tints and shades.  A tint is any color plus white, and a shade is any color plus black.  Sometimes a tint or shade doesn’t look like what one would expect (yellow + black = …greenish!), so students were encouraged to use a scrap of paper to test their mixtures.  Each table received red, yellow, blue, black, and white paints, and a mixing tray.  We created many interesting colors today, including pink, periwinkle, sandy brown, army green, and “sunburn” (orangey-pink, ouch!).

Students also worked on their general craftsmanship with their paintings: making sure edges are dry to prevent unwanted smudges, selecting an appropriately-sized brush for the area being painted, and washing the brush between colors. Next week we will continue painting, and we will finish up with “detail work” — using colored pencils and Sharpies to add tiny details like whiskers and claws.