1st Graders Are Out of This World

Maddie's Space Painting

Maddie’s Space Painting

First graders at Gerry have been working on an outer space-themed mixed media project.  Last week we drew things we would find in outer space, like planets, stars, and comets.  Our plan is to cut out our favorite drawings and collage them on top of a painted background.  Students had to keep in mind that anything very small or complicated might be too difficult to cut out.  This week we used tempera to paint more outer space objects for our backgrounds, and this time we could do all the tiny and complicated things we wanted!  Some of the things students decided would be easier to make with paint are: the Milky Way, the glowing sun, and tiny distant stars.

Students received cups of white, red, yellow, and blue paints.  We learned that red, yellow, and blue are called the primary colors and they are special because you can use them to mix the secondary colors: green, orange, and purple.  We discussed how important it is to rinse off the paintbrush between colors to make sure the colors stay clean and bright when we mix them. We made a chart together to show the formulas for mixing our colors, then everyone got to work on their painting!