Fish Resist Paintings

Cecily's Betta Fish Painting

Cecily’s Betta Fish Painting

3rd grade students are working on their Fish Resist Paintings.  We discussed the basic shape of a fish and made sketches.  Some students chose to make a realistic fish, such as a mackerel or a betta fish.  Others chose to use their imaginations and invent a fish.  After sketching, we made a large drawing and used oil pastels to give our fish a pattern or a texture.  We then used watercolors to paint directly over our fish.  Students were excited to see that the watercolor did not cover up their oil pastel!  We discussed the fact that the oil in our oil pastels resisted the water, and made it bead up and roll away.  We also made the connection that fishermen used to wear hats and jackets called oilskins that were made of oiled fabric to protect them from the water!